Yolngu Arts & Culture

A professional Aboriginal enterprise, offering a rare opportunity to experience authentic Aboriginal knowledge and culture.

Creative and cultural

workshops, performance, artworks and gifts.


Directly experience authentic Yolgnu Aboriginal culture (over 40,000 years old) through traditional dance, painting, and music workshops. You will be guided by a professional Aboriginal artist from Arnhem Land, who will also talk about the cultural significance of Yolngu culture and share their personal cultural stories.


Have Yolgnu traditional and contemporary dancers show their powerful moves at your next event – and have your audience participating, as they copying basic dance movements and words from Yolgnu language. They will leave light with an enhanced cultural understanding of authentic Yolgnu culture from Arnhem Land.


You can buy authentic original Aboriginal art direct from Clinton or Sylvia, along with its important cultural meaning, passed on over 40,000 years. Paintings on canvas or bark, carvings of birds are available (perfect for trophy awards). Or you may want to commission an artwork or design. Every artwork tells a special story.


  • “Working with the crew from Yolngu Arts & Culture has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”  

    MEGAN HILLS The Creative Ingredient


For more information, please contact Clinton or Sylvia.

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